Vagina Kajak


993435_486396661467616_1558299532_nRokude Nashiko aus Japan macht Kunst mit ihrer Vagina und nun hat sie sich ein Kajak in Form ihrer Vulva bauen lassen. Finanziert wurde das schwimmende Geschlecht über nen japanischen Kickstarter-Klon.

Rokude Nashiko's art aims to breakdown taboos about female gentilia in Japan. Typically, female privates are discreetly referred to as "asoko" ("down there"), while the more descriptive "manko" ("pussy") is seen as far more vulgar. Meanwhile, there are a tons of playful words for "penis" bandied about by kids and adults alike. Rokudenashiko says she also wants vaginas to be as "fun" and "pop" in Japan, too. Initially, Rokudenashiko hoped to row her vessel across Lake Geneva. She ended up rowing in the Tama River, between Tokyo and Kanagawa.

まんことあそぼう! よいこの科学まん個展』只今、新宿でビラビラと開催中! (via Kotaku)

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