Kim Jong-Un riding a Unicorn – The Videogame

Moneyhorse Games arbeiten an einem 16Bit-Retrogame mit Kim Jong-Un, der auf einem Einhorn gegen die Armeen der USA kämpft, inklusive Dennis Rodman als Sidekick.

Reducing the world’s most enigmatic ruler down to 16 bits of 90s retro shoot em’ up bliss, indie game developer Moneyhorse allows gamers to go into battle against the wicked cohorts of the West as dear leader Kim Jong-un.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commands you to know that the capitalistic pigs at Moneyhorse LLC are developing Glorious Leader!, an epic tale about the triumph of Kim Jong-un over the entire American army. Battle through 7 unique levels as you defeat waves of imperialists, combat over-the-top bosses, and ride unicorns,” the Atlanta, Georgia-based company says on their website.

In a promo-posted online, a machine gun-toting Kim rendered in 4th generation style runs to stand between the statues of North Korea’s late and great leaders: “Great Leader” Kim il-sung, and “supreme leader” Kim Jong-il.

Glorious Leader! Kim Jong-un takes on US army in new video game (via Max)

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