How to pay two Octozillion Trillion Billion Gigadollars

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Gestern bloggte ich über die irre Sextillionen-Dollar-Verhandlung, heute bantwortet Randall „XKCD“ Munroe auf seinem großartigen What If?-Blog die Frage, ob die den Betrag überhaupt jemals bezahlen könnten, sollten die verlieren. Hier schonmal ein bisschen Perspektive, wird aber noch lustiger: „Earth made of solid gold wouldn't be enough. The Sun's weight in platinum wouldn't be, either.“

[T]he world's most highly-paid lawyer—on an hourly basis—is probably former Solicitor General Ted Olson, who recently disclosed in bankruptcy filings that he charges $1,800 per hour.

Suppose there are 40 billion habitable planets in our galaxy, and every one of them hosts an Earth-sized population of 7 billion Ted Olsons. If Au Bon Pain hired every Ted Olson in the galaxy to defend them in this case, and had them all work 80-hour weeks, 52 weeks a year, for a thousand generations… it would still cost them less than if they lost.

What If?: $2 Undecillion Lawsuit: What if Au Bon Pain lost this lawsuit and had to pay the plaintiff $2 undecillion?

Lowering The Bar: How Long Would It Take Ted Olson to Bill Two Octillion Gigadollars?

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