Algorithmic Director for VC-Business

Eine chinesische Venture Capital-Firma hat einen Algorithmus zum Direktor bestellt. Nach Robot-Journalism und Robot-Tradern sind Robot-Businessmen ja nur konsequent und wenn Firmen ohnehin auch juristische Personen sein können, dann können Algorithmen und künstliche Intelligenzen das ebenfalls sein – ich wundere mich nur ein bisschen, dass es keine High Frequency Bude war, die das zum erstenmal getan hat. I for one, welcome our new algorithmic corporate Overlords.

A Hong Kong VC fund has just appointed an algorithm to its board. Deep Knowledge Ventures, a firm that focuses on age-related disease drugs and regenerative medicine projects, says the program, called VITAL, can make investment recommendations about life sciences firms by poring over large amounts of data.

Just like other members of the board, the algorithm gets to vote on whether the firm makes an investment in a specific company or not. The program will be the sixth member of DKV's board.

A Venture Capital Firm Just Named An Algorithm To Its Board Of Directors — Here's What It Actually Does (via New Aesthetics, Bild via Shutterstock)