Holographic Rainbow-Chocolate


Die schweizer Firma Morphotonix hat es geschafft, Hologramme in Schokolade zu fräsen. Die schnitzen da Strukturen im µ-Meter-Bereich, machen daraus eine Gußform und voila: Lichtbrechende Regenbogen Nano-Schokolade oder nochmal anders: Bunte 3D-Dings-Lichtschoki! Yummy!

Specific microstructures on the surface of the chocolate diffract light to create the holograms. It works in the same way as the security hologram on a credit card, though chocolate is trickier to work with.

Morphotonix etches the required structure into a master mould made from metal. This is then used to make plastic moulds that in turn shape the chocolate. Both dark and milk chocolate can be used, though the complex physics and chemistry of microstructures means the hologram won't form on some varieties.

Chocolate gets a rainbowy holographic makeover