Harry Potter Dementor-Wasp

Besucher des Berliner Naturkundemuseums haben die Prachtwespe oben nach den Dementoren aus Harry Potter benannt, weil das Viech Kakerlaken in willenlose Zombies verwandelt:

The Ampulex Dementor, which is known for its ability to turn cockroaches into zombies with one sting, was given its name after visitors to Berlin’s Natural History Museum were asked to vote on what they felt the newly found species’ name should be. They decided that Ampulex Dementor was an apt title, and for good reason too.

Like the Dementors in the Harry Potter books, who leave their victims in vegetative states after feeding on their souls, the Ampulex Dementor gives birth by first finding a cockroach and then delivering a toxic sting to the insect’s head.

Injecting in the cockroach a deadly dose of neurotoxins, it quickly becomes becomes submissive to the wasp and can be led back to the Ampulex Dementor’s burrow, where the Dementor’s eggs are laid inside the cockroach.

Independent: The Dementor Wasp: New species of insect that can turn cockroaches into zombies named after Harry Potter character

PlosOne: The Soul-Sucking Wasp by Popular Acclaim – Museum Visitor Participation in Biodiversity Discovery and Taxonomy

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