Book is Barbecue

Nette Werbeaktion für Hersteller von Küchenzeugs: Ein Buch, das vollständig aus Grillutensilien besteht. Die haben sich da offensichtlich sehr vom „first and only Cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat“ inspirieren lassen.

To promote the Tramontina cookware line, JWT Brazil created a few meticulously crafted copies of a book called Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco, or The Bible of Barbecue. Each page of the book is made to be used or destroyed in the process of creating an authentic Brazilian grilling experience.

One thick sheet shatters into chunks of charcoal, while another lights the fire and yet another fans the flame. Other pages work as an apron, sharpen knives, wrap meat, act as cutting boards and even serve the finished dish.

This Barbecue Bible Can Sharpen Your Knife, Light Your Fire and Serve Your Steak