Algorithmic Voice Emotion-Analysis in Realtime

Eine Firma entwickelt grade Stimmanalyse-Algorithmen zur Erkennung von Emotionen, damit die Mitarbeiter von Call Centern mitbekommen, wenn man sauer wird. Ich würde gerne den Ausschlag in den Infarot-Bereicht bei meinem nächsten Anruf sehen, wenn die Telkos beim nächsten Umzug mal wieder den Netzanschluss versauen. Ich garantiere, dass Callcenter-Mitarbeiter immer erkennen werden, wenn ich angepisst bin und ich schwöre, dass sie grundsätzlich ein angemessenes „feedback on conversations in real time“ kriegen, ganz ohne Emo-Algo-Robot.

I AM speaking to a man on the phone – but he's not the only one listening. As I talk, software is analysing my voice, measuring the speed of my speech, and building a graph that shows how the conversation is going.

I'm talking to Josh Feast, CEO of a company called Cogito in Boston. His algorithms work away while people talk, highlighting awkward pauses, tense tones of voice and one-sided conversations. Next time you call your insurer, bank or any other call centre, a version of Cogito's software called Dialog could be running in the background, helping the customer service agent deal with you. If you start to get upset or angry, the agent can see that and take action to soothe you. Cogito calls its service "digital intuition". It is useful in call centres because it can give feedback on conversations in real time, says Feast.

New Scientist: Speech analyser monitors emotion for call centres