How To make MC Escher-like Puzzles made from Wood

Instructables-User Vyger hat seinem demenzkranken Vater ein Puzzlespiel aus unterschiedlichen Holzarten gebaut, mit dem man MC Eschersche Muster legen kann. Mein Papa hat mir vor hundert Jahren mal ein Tangram geschenkt und irgendwann habe ich tatsächlich auch mal so ein Teil aus Holz „gebaut“ (ausgesägt wohl eher). Sah allerdings lange nicht so toll aus, wie das hier.

My dad has always loved woodworking and when I showed him my 3D floor project he was fascinated by it. I took him a bunch of pieces and wood samples and printed out the instructable for him and we sat on his floor and laid out patterns. He loved it. But for me the reality is that he will never get to see it other than in pictures because he can't leave where he is. So I decided to do the next best thing and make him a set of pieces for his own. He can't work with tools anymore, let alone a saw but he can still enjoy wood. This instructable is what has evolved over the last half year of putting this together.

Making Dementia Puzzles for my Dad by Vyger