Republica: The Yes Men & Annalee Newitz

Die Republica-Vorträge landen in ziemlicher Rekordzeit in ihrem YT-Channel. Nach dem Klick die zwei spannendsten vom heutigen Vormittag: Die Keynote der Yes Men und der Vortrag zu Annalee Newitz' (io9) Buch Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction:

The Yes Men: Opening Keynote for re:publica

The YES MEN have been doing their hare to change the world as activist and artists over the past decade. During their opening key note at re:publica the YES MEN will reflect how their activist strategies have changed over the years, with changing media realities and digital tools for identity correction. They will also give a sneak preview to their new projects and discuss how their work goes hand in hand with their political work.

Annalee Newitz: Into the Extinction?

Climate change. Pandemics. Volcanoes. Meteors. Should we give up and accept our doom? Absolutely not. Homo sapiens will survive the next mass extinction -- it's just a matter of how we'll do it. Mass extinctions are the worst disasters to ravage life on Earth, and many scientists believe we're in the early stages of another one. Still, life has made it through these apocalyptic scenarios before, and humanity has a long history of dodging the bullet of extinction.

This talk is about how mass extinctions have destroyed the planet in the past; but more importantly, it's about the practical and philosophical steps we must take to survive as a species into the far future. We'll put aside apocalyptic thinking, and focus on the science that might transform our cities into carbon-neutral, biological systems -- and even, one day, prepare us for sustainable space colonization.