185 Terabyte Tape-Storage

04.05.2014 Misc Tech #Tapes

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Sony hat neue Tapes vorgestellt, die fette 185 Terabyte an Daten speichern können. Das sind 3700 50GB-Blurays. Ich hätte meine Datasette damals echt behalten sollen: „Sony has announced that it has developed a new magnetic tape material that demolishes the previous 29.5GB [per Square Inch] record, and can hold a whopping 148GB per square inch, making it the new record holder of storage density for the medium. If spooled into a cartridge, each tape could have a mind-boggling 185TB of storage. Again, to compare, that’s 3,700 dual-layer 50GB Blu-rays (a stack that would be 4.4 meters or 14.3 feet high, incidentally). In fact, one of these tapes would hold five more terabytes than a $9,305 hard drive storage array.“