Al Feldstein: Anti-Racism-Activist through Comicbook-Storys

Das MAD Magazin hat zum Tode Al Feldsteins ein paar der Eigenanzeigen ins Netz gestellt, für die sich Feldstein ein paar mal ablichten lies, mehr davon im Blog von MAD. (via Unfug)

Den schönsten Nachruf hat sicherlich das großartige Comics Journal, die an einer Stelle Feldsteins Story um die Auseinandersetzung mit der Comics Code Authority wegen der anti-rassistischen Story Judgement Day (hier komplett online) zitieren. RIP Al.

It all came to a head in late 1955 when the Code rejected a story for Incredible Science Fiction and Feldstein substituted a previously published pre-Code anti-racism parable, “Judgment Day,” which he had written for artist Joe Orlando, to Code administrator Charles F. Murphy. [Al] Feldstein [about] what happened next:

„I said, 'Bill, this is impossible. It just can’t work. They are after our ass, and they’re going to find any excuse to give us a hard time.' And Bill called up Murphy and said, 'What the hell is going on?'

And Murphy said, 'You can’t have a Negro.'

And Bill said, 'Okay. I’m going to have a press conference, and I’m going to tell the public that the comic book authority is a racist authority that will not permit black people to have equal depiction,' or something like that.

After a pause to reflect, Murphy granted Gaines permission to publish the story, on the condition that the beads of perspiration on the black astronaut’s face be removed. (Feldstein’s text ended with a purple flourish: 'and the instrument lights made the beads of perspiration on his dark skin twinkle like distant stars…')

Gaines said, 'Fuck you,' hung up on Murphy, and published the story intact.

Al Feldstein: 1925-2014