Quantified Toilets

New Aethstics, meet Toilet. Ich freue mich schon auf die Meldung über Fäkalbiometrie in ein paar Wochen. (Leider nur ein Scherz von der Human-Computer Interaction-Conference in Toronto, dafür aber mit Exkrementalfeed).

Capturing toilet behaviour for real-time data and health analysis. […] Admittedly not the sexiest of data sources, we analyze the biological waste process of buildings to make better spaces and happier people. We use this data to streamline cleaning crew schedules, inform municipalities of the usage of resources, and help buildings and cities plan for healthier and happier citizens. […]

Using advanced sensing technologies and a state of the art centralized waste data collection system, we are able to discreetly capture data from each individual toilet. Activities at each toilet create unique signatures that enables us to track usage and analyze details from every toilet in a building. Our groundbreaking software is then able to catalog the data for a multifaceted health analysis not currently available through traditional means.

Quantified Toilets (via Doc Searls)