Novelists Do Comics

Schönes Ding vom Guardian: Anlässlich der nächste Woche eröffnenden Ausstellung der British Library Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK haben sie ein paar Romanautoren mit Comiczeichnern zusammengebracht, hier die bislang erschienenen Teile:

Art And Anarchy, by Michel Faber and Roger Langridge: „Under The Skin author Michel Faber and artist Roger Langridge imagine what would happen if David Cameron and Barack Obama met at a comics shop“.

Do You Hear What I Hear? by AM Homes and Frazer Irving: „The End Of Alice author AM Homes’s tale of a mysterious phone call is adapted into a graphic short story by Frazer Irving, best known for his work on Batman and the 2000 AD series Necronauts.“

Masks, by Gillian Flynn and Dave Gibbons: „Gillian Flynn, author of the global bestseller Gone Girl, makes her comic debut with Dave Gibbons, the graphic story artist who drew Alan Moore's Watchmen comic series, in a new short story in which they look at what happens when parents turn vigilante“.

Having Renewed My Fire, by Dave Eggers: „McSweeney's editor and novelist Dave Eggers decided to veer from the brief and both script and draw a graphic short story of a Wild West bison adventure inspired by his trips to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco“.

Nach dem Klick noch Jamie Hewletts Poster zur Ausstellung in High Rez: