Gaming Urban-Legend confirmed: E.T.-Cartridges found in New Mexico

Heute startete die Ausbuddelei der alten E.T.-Cartridges in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Atari hatte 1983 ein paar Lastwagenladungen mit mehreren Millionen der Games in der Wüste vergraben, nachdem sich das Game als eins der schlechtesten Spiele aller Zeiten entpuppte und sich eher so gar nicht verkaufte. Die Story ist wohl die bekannteste aller Gaming-Urban-Legend und seit heute ist sie bestätigt. (Offensichtlich hat Atari damals noch weitere Games in der Wüste vergraben, wie man an dem Centipede-Packaging sieht.) Polygon war bei den Ausgrabungen vor Ort:

Evidently, Atari did bury its biggest mistake in the New Mexico desert.

Excavators have found copies of the 1982 Atari 2600 cartridge E.T. — a notorious flop blamed for console gaming's collapse a year later — in a dig at an Alamagordo, N.M. landfill on Saturday. The highly publicized dig, which will be the subject of an upcoming documentary, seems to confirm the story that Atari dumped thousands of unsold cartridges at the site 30 years ago.

The image above is of materials recovered from the dig. Polygon's Matt Leone, on the scene, says at least one E.T. package has been found "complete with inserts. They say there are lots more games down there."

E.T. cartridges found in infamous Atari landfill

[update] Ars Technica: Landfill excavation unearths years of crushed Atari treasure

At about 12:30 pm Mountain Time, the archaeologists gathered over a new heap of trash and spent some time conferring. “ We found an E.T. case, and the chip is still in it,” one of the men in the dump said. “And there are a whole hell of a lot more in there.”

It seems the legend is true, Atari really did dump a bunch of E.T. games into a pit in Alamogordo, and now they’re coming up.

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