Panini World Cup Sticker Heist

In Rio haben sie einen Transporter voller Panini Sticker geklaut. Jetzt mal den Deppensport Fußball beiseite geschobe – das ist aus zwei Gründen bemerkenswert: 1.) Der 1967er Film Grand Slam (Top Job – Diamantenraub in Rio, hier der Trailer) ist mein Alltime Favorite Heist-Movie und 2.) Jeder Sammler kann den Raub von 'nem Laster voller Sticker nachvollziehen. Würde ich auch gerne mal machen. Wieviele Alben kriegt man damit voll?

Avid World Cup sticker collectors in Rio de Janeiro were given a shock this week when a van carrying hundreds of thousands of Panini stickers was stolen during a delivery. Thieves made off with some 300,000 of the adhesive stickers featuring players who will appear in the forthcoming World Cup finals in Brazil which start in June, according to local press reports on Thursday.

The glossy stickers, loved the world over by football fans since the first World Cup edition in 1970, were being taken to newsagents in the city when the delivery came unstuck. […] "Panini can state that the city of Rio de Janeiro is well supplied and there is no shortage of official Panini products for sale," the company said in a statement.

Panini World Cup sticker heist: Brazil thieves pocket 300,000 collectibles