Guardian launches Auto-Generated Newspaper

Vor ein paar Monaten hatte ich über ein Experiment des Guardian gebloggt, die eine wöchentliche Zeitung mit Algorithmen generieren ließen (inklusive Layout, allerdings auch inklusive manueller Anpassungen). Das hat anscheinend so gut geklappt, dass sie nun eine monatliche autogenerierte Zeitung in den USA starten, die Technologie dahinter ist exakt dieselbe:

The U.K.-based newspaper will launch a monthly print edition in the U.S. on Wednesday dubbed #Open001, filled with stories selected by a proprietary algorithm.

The Guardian has already tested the waters with roboticcally compiled print editions in London. The company launched a weekly “Good Long Read” print edition last December, using its algorithm to cherry-pick long reads from the Guardian’s online content based on how well they did on social networks, favoring those that got a high number of Facebook shares, tweets, and comments.

The same algorithm was at work in making #Open001. However, according to Guardian spokesperson Gennady Kolker, the Guardian can adjust the algorithm to see what’s popular among U.S. readers. The first stories for a U.S. audience include “Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: who are you calling bossy,” ”Kurt Cobain: an icon of alienation,” “Robots and sex: creepy or cool?” according to Digiday.

Venture Beat: The Guardian launches small-run newspaper in U.S. — and it’s machine-curated (via Fefe)

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