Brazil Riot Cops get Darth Vader-Masks for World Cup

In Brasilien statten sie ihre Riot Cops mit „Darth Vader inspired“-Masken aus, um den schwarzen Block während der befürchteten Unruhen einzuschüchtern. Kein Scherz. Die Dinger kommen inklusive Sprach-Verstärker, die Herren Beamten sehen also nicht nur aus wie der dunkle Lord, sie hören sich auch so an und damit ist dann auch ein für allemal geklärt, auf welcher Seite der Macht die Staatsgewalt gehört. Fucking Sith. You can't make this shit up.

Police units in the 12 Brazilian states where matches will be played during the 2014 soccer World Cup in June received masks inspired by Star Wars character Darth Vader to equip their anti-riot officers, the firm that provided the gear reported.

The masks – which besides being designed to have a psychological effect protect the officers against gas attacks, allow them to withstand high temperatures and have a visor that does not fog up and a voice amplifier – were presented at the LAAD International Public and Corporate Security Fair, the largest of its kind in Latin America and which kicked off Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro.

The masks will be used by the anti-riot police during protests that might be staged during the World Cup, according to Welster Itage, the company which is responsible for importing the masks from the United States, where they were manufactured with the cooperation of the U.S. government. According to the firm’s commercial analyst, Beni Iachan, “the aim is to cause a psychological effect in the demonstrators or in other citizens.”

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