How To make Slinkys with a Lasercutter and a 3D-Printer

11.04.2014 Misc #DIY #feat #Toys

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Ich bin ein riesiger Fan von Slinkys und hab' selber zwei Stück, ein regenbogenfarbenes und den Metall-Klassiker. Jetzt zeigt Adam Watters auf Instructables, wie man sich die Dinger selbermacht, mit Lasercutter und 3D-Printer. Und ich will jetzt unbedingt so'n Pixel-Slinky, oder ein Wellen-Slinky. Oder beide. Kriegt man Fraktal-Slinkys hin?

These acrylic springs were made by cutting each coil along sine wave or zig-zag paths. […] when you twist them, the waves and zig-zags line up and form helixes that wrap around the spring. The springs want to untwist themselves, but with just a little pressure from the ends they hold the pattern. […]

Many of the wave springs change shape when put on their side, including the 2 shown in Step 1. When pushed, some of the springs will actually flatten out and look rectangular in cross section, or even lock into a flat shape. Sometimes this makes them look like snakes.

Laser Cut Helical Springs by Adam Watters