Drone Graffiti

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Nette Spielerei von Katsu, der 'ne Can an einen Quadcopter geklebt hat. Ist mir noch eine ganze Nummer zu ungenau und zu random, aber immerhin: Das Teil ist meilenweit von den nettbuntbelanglosen Streetart-Dingern für BWLer entfernt und ist tatsächlich New School Vandalism. Ich würde das Ding zu gerne mal in freier Wildbahn an einer Wand sehen und interessant werden dürfte das Konzept erst recht, wenn man die Dronen mit Pieces programmiert.

A lot of my work comes out of demonstrating and experimenting with different technologies for creative use. Basically, drones have lowered in cost enough that they are attainable, so I got my hands on some DJI Phantom 2s, and I have been experimenting with the idea of using drones to accomplish the same things that drones are beginning to be used for in broader society, but in this case for crime, vandalism, art. I really want to look into the way that a person and a drone could connect. I thought, ‘I could go out into the city and spray paint using a drone wherever I wanted to, in basically unreachable spots and in unusable areas.’

I also had a desire to make a series of paintings that would begin to express what happens when technology begins to collaborate in artistic creation and disruption. I started to collaborate with some developers and hardware people that I’m friends with, and we started working with Arduinos and 3-D printing, and basically raced to create this prototype remote sprayer that works with a drone.

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