Tinkerbots: Arduino/Lego-compatible Robot-Construction-Sets for Kids

10.04.2014 Misc #Robots #Toys

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Großartiges Bausatz-System für Roboter: Tinkerbots lassen sich mit Arduino programmieren, haben WiFi und sind obendrauf Lego-/Lego-Technic-kompatibel. Die suchen sich grade auf IndieGoGo ihre Finanzierung, die Teile gibt es in den verschiedensten Ausführungen.

The red cube is the Power Brain. It provides the energy and contains an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. It comes alongside a range of other different kinetic modules like the twister, the pivot, the motor-module and the grabber. Plus there’s a whole bunch of small, passive building blocks you can use to add more detail to your robots, and you can even use Lego bricks to add more detail if you want.

What’s more, you can enhance your TinkerBots models with sensors that measure distance or detect light. All of TinkerBots pieces can be connected easily without the need for wiring or programming. It’s truly simple and easy to use. Even a five year old can use TinkerBots to build any robot he or she can imagine.

IndieGoGo: TinkerBots

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