Selfie Money

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Die Konzeptkunst von „Experimentalphilosoph“ Jonathon Keats hatte ich schon öfter hier, der Mann wendet normalerweise wissenschaftliche Prinzipien auf gesellschaftliche Konzepte an (Antimaterie-Währung oder Quantum-Ehe und so Zeug). Jetzt hat er mit seinem Selfie-Geld den zweiten Preis beim Future of Money Design Award geholt. (Der erste Preis ging an Renee Verhoeven & David Carrs Sunnyside)

Jonathon Keats presented the timely idea of ‘Selfie Money.’ A monetary system designed to reignite our relationship with physical cash by doing away with the ‘old dead white men,’ that adorn the front of bank notes and replacing them with the ‘selfie,’ an iconic symbol of our time. As Keats states: “if governments are to successfully compete against crypocurrencies and the convenience of electronic payments, they need to appeal to what mass audiences care about most in the digital age, flagrant NARSISSIM.” This system would be implemented by combining the ATM (cash machine) with a camera and inkjet printer.

Jonathon Keats: Selfie Money

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