Multimillion Dollar Camping-Van

09.04.2014 Misc Tech #Cars

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Das hier ist Bran Ferrens (FX für Altered States, Little Shop of Horrors und Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Multitouch-Pionier, Präsi von Walt Disney Imagineering etc) Campingwagen. Das Teil hat nur drölf Millionen Dollar gekostet und mit dem Ding und seiner vierjährigen Tochter will er nun um die Welt fahren. Und ich hab mich damals mit dem Standard-Campingdings und dem Odenwald zufrieden gegeben.

Ferren and his team have gutted most of the original [Unimog] equipment, leaving only the steering wheel and a few smaller components. Among their numerous additions are a series of custom-made, overhead- and dash-mounted touchscreen cockpit displays, which monitor the vehicle’s health and navigational progress; a joystick-operated situational-awareness system, which allows passengers to see the view from any one of the vehicles’ 22 cameras and provides infrared thermal imagery of the road’s temperature; and an emergency-beacon locator-transmitter, which goes off automatically in case of an accident—if, say, the vehicle flips over. (With his radio direction-finder subsystem, Ferren can also track nearby vehicles that might be in trouble.)

There’s more: A joystick for the truck’s hydro-drive system, for switching from four-wheel drive to six-wheel drive. Passenger-side display units that allow riders to monitor everything from tire air pressure to battery problems. And a communications system that turns the vehicle into a mobile command base and allows Ferren to communicate and coordinate with nearby aircraft. “It’s basically as if we’re an airplane, just stuck to the ground,” he says. Every form of communication imaginable is on the truck—from walkie-talkies to UHF radios to high-powered GPS systems. “I always want to know where I am,” Ferren says. The KiraVan can send emails from under a triple-canopy rain forest.

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