Fake-Nazi-Cookie-Monster walks into a school…

In Brandenburg ist ein Nazi in einem Krümelmonster-Kostüm in eine Schule gelatscht und hat braune Propaganda verteilt. Ich hoffe, der Kretin wird von der Jim Henson-Foundation in Grund und Boden geklagt.

31-year-old Steffen Lange, was arrested for walking into a Brandenburg school dressed as the Cookie Monster and distributing neo-Nazi leaflets to children. Police subsequently searched his home and that of an accomplice, and found more Cookie Monster-themed propaganda.

The "why" is much less obvious. The Cookie Monster is not known to hold far-right views. He possesses no Aryan traits (his fur may be blue, but his eyes are googly, and he lives in the friendly, multicultural environs of Sesamstrasse). It's also unclear what use a bunch of Cookie Monster-loving schoolkids would be to the far-right movement. Among the propaganda […] is an image of the Cookie Monster standing with Adolf Hitler, with the caption, "Who ate my biscuit?" Presumably the answer is meant to be "immigrants", but this juxtaposition is poorly thought-through and has no logic at all.

Cookie Monster puts down the cookie jar and picks up the neo-Nazi propaganda