21st Century Tank Girl

Alan Martin hat eine Kickstarter-Kampagne für ein neues Tank Girl-Hardcover gestartet. Neue Tank Girl-Comics gibts zwar schon seit einer ganzen Weile, was dieses hier aber besonders macht: Sein alter Partner Jamie Hewlett, mit dem er sein Comic damals erfunden hat, ist wieder mit an Bord. Zum ersten mal seit zwanzig Jahren, nachdem der Mann zusammen mit Damon Albarn die nicht ganz unbekannte Band Gorillaz gründete und deshalb offensichtlich keine Zeit mehr für Tank Girl hatte. Yay!

The goal is to create a brand-spanking-new, 100 page, hardback Tank Girl book. It will feature artwork from seven different artists (some Tank Girl veterans and some new chaps), and will be written, edited, and designed by me. This will be a truly independent venture, side-stepping the publishing industry and distribution networks, to deliver a product straight into your hands, direct from the creators.

The confirmed artists on this project are - Jamie Hewlett, Brett Parson, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Philip Bond, Jim Mahfood, Craig Knowles, and Jonathan Edwards.

The book will be crammed full with a chaotic mix of short comic strips, poster pages, poems, longer strips, an illustrated text story, and much more.

- You'll discover what Tank Girl's real name is in the story "The Name of Tank Girl" (clue - it's not Rebecca Buck)

- You'll learn tactical tank manoeuvres and vital post-apocalyptic survival techniques.

- You'll see Tank Girl explore new worlds in her slightly phallic rocket ship.

- And you'll finally find out what Tank Girl keeps covered up with that Band-Aid.

21st CENTURY TANK GIRL: a book by Hewlett & Martin & Co