All The 2048

Das letzte Posting, versprochen. Vielleicht. Hier jedenfalls die neuesten 2048-Klone in einer aktualisierten Liste mit allen Varianten. Die neuen habe ich Oblique'd und noch ein paar Meta-Artikel zum Game dazugepackt.

Original: 2048.

Coding-Varianten: 2048 Bytes, Benchmark, Terminal-Version, AI, Bash 2048, Hex-2048: 0xff, Tiny 2048 in Python

Game-Mechanik-Varianten: 2048 3D, 2048 4D, Tetris 2048, 2048 with Undo, 2048 with Replay, Scrabble 2048, 16384 Hex, 2048 Without Random Tile, 243

Multiplayer: Multiplayer, 2-Player 2x2048, Hacker News plays 2048, Hacker News plays 2048-Democracy (wie „Twitch play Pokemon“, das ich ja nur deshalb ignoriert hatte, weil ich Pokemons ganz total ätzend finde.)

Anti-Versionen: 2048 for Noobs, 4, Invisible 2048

Mathematische Varianten: 2584 Fibonacci, 4096, 65536, 9007199254740992, 2-bitfinity (2048 without Limit), 2048 Backwards, 11, 1, 204÷

Tech-Varianten: Augmented Reality-2048, 2048 for Android on Google Play (leaderboard and achievements), 3D-2048, 2048 Audio Controller, 2048 for iOS, another 2048 for iOS, 2048 for Pebble

Memes: 2048 Doge, Flappy 2048, Logarithmic Flappy 2048

Fun: Finnish Beer 2048, 2048 Numberwang, Prism-2048

Movies/Series: Dr.Who 2048

Games: Pokemon 2048, 2048 x 2048

Science: LHC 2048 („Collide these elementary particles and generate the Higgs Boson!“)

Meta: Why Do I Find 2048 So Damn Addictive? („Each tile you merge, you feel as though you have tasted success. And that success is sweet, so you keep playing.“), What is the optimal algorithm for the game 2048?, How to win in 2048, 2048 with Stats, More Variants, Ask HN: Why is the 2048 post so popular?, Wikipedia: „it's been called 'the most addictive thing' on the internet and that it's 'almost like Candy Crush for math nerds.'“, All The 2048