Holi Festival of Colors 2014

In Indien steigt grade wieder das Frühlingsfest Holi, und zwar ist das Ding mittlerweile von westlichen Marketern entdeckt und ausgeschlachtet, aber dafür können die Pigmente nach wie vor gar nichts und die Bilder vom Original aus Indien sind immer noch schöner. Außerdem hat der Atlantic 'ne hübsche Story über Bhang, „cannabis leaves that are crushed, mixed into drinks and sweets, and often served during Hindu holidays like Holi, the celebration of color and spring“.

This week Hindus around the world celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is a popular springtime celebration observed on the last full moon of the lunar month. Participants traditionally throw bright, vibrant powders at friends and strangers alike as they celebrate the arrival of spring, commemorate Krishna's pranks, and allow each other a momentary freedom -- a chance to drop their inhibitions and simply play and dance. Gathered here are images of this year's Holi festival from across India. […]

While the observance of Holi varies by community and region, serving bhang is part of the celebration in many Indian homes. The intoxicant takes many forms—from simple pills, or golis, created by mixing the leaves with water, to sweet bhang lassis, where the cannabis is ground up and added to heavy milk with almonds, sugar, and other flavors. It can also be packed into Indian mithai, or sweets made with nuts and condensed milk, and decorated with silver and gold edible foil. In its diluted form, bhang offers a mild buzz or high. Consuming it in larger quantities is akin to smoking weed, and vendors like Hazaari claim that the substance can put you to sleep for three days straight.

The Atlantics In Focus: Holi 2014: The Festival of Colors

The Atlantic: India's 'High' Holiday – During Holi, Hindus welcome spring with bursts of color and marijuana-laced treats.

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