3D-Printed Ornament-Skull-Brain-Selfportrait

Joshua Harkers ornamentierte 3D-Print-Skulls hatte ich schonmal vor drei Jahren im Blog, jetzt hat er sich eine Selbstportrait-Maske gedruckt und sie mit forensischer Rekonstruktion und CT-Scans gemasht. Inklusive Hypothalamus. Nice!

The Digital 3D Portrait Project: […] An exploration into the latest technologies applied to one of the oldest themes in art… the portrait. Using his ”21st Century Self-Portrait” the Uformia software allows Joshua to swap face scans while accurately transferring the design. Ultimately the software, in concert with forensic facial reconstruction science, will also accurately morph the skull to match the new face… a 21st century portrait in every way. The custom portrait masks are now available here.

21st Century Self-Portrait (via JWZ)