Vampire-Trucker held Sex Slaves in Twilight Express, Wolfman went Sex-Cosplay

Die Universal Monster hatte ich echt anders in Erinnnerung…

1.) „Mark Edwards, 44, who goes by the alias Nagamishe Shiro online, is alleged to have groomed the vulnerable 14-year-old to join his ‘slayer covenant’. Multiple albums have been discovered online of Edwards dressed in a werewolf costume along with teens in skimpy outfits role-playing sword and gun fights in a secluded, wooded area. […] Edwards, who has worked as an animal trapper, posted pictures online of himself appearing to feed on raw carcasses and covered in blood.“

2.) „A vampire-fanged truck driver is accused of cruising across the country for months at a time while he had girls kept as sex slaves stashed in his semitrailer -- a vehicle he called the 'Twilight Express.' Timothy Jay Vafeades would allegedly file down the girls’ teeth to change their appearances.“