The Complete Zap Comix

Fantagraphics haben endlich das Box-Set mit Robert Crumbs Zap-Comix offiziell angekündigt. Die hatten die Veröffntlichung bereits 2011 bekanntgegeben, dann kam ihnen aber offensichtlich die per Crowdfunding grade noch abgewendete Pleite (Hello De:bug!) und der Tod von Herausgeber Kim Thompson dazwischen.

zapThere scarcely was an underground comics world before Robert Crumb's classic solo first issue of Zap in 1968. By Zap #2, he had begun assembling a Seven Samurai of the best, the fiercest, and the most stylistically diversified cartoonists to come out of the countercultural kiln. All of them were extremists of one sort or another, from biker-gang member Rodriguez to Christian surfer Griffin, but somehow they produced a decades-long collaboration: a mind-blowing anthology of abstract hallucination, throat-slashing social satire, and shocking sexual excess, that made possible the ongoing wave of alternative cartoonists like Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware, and Charles Burns.

The Complete Zap Comix collects every issue of Zap — every cover and every story, and even the Zam mini comic jam among the Zap artists — in a two-volume, slipcased hardcover set. It will also include the 17th unpublished issue with work by Crumb, Moscoco, Wilson, Rodriguez, Shelton, Mavrides, and Williams. Plus, an introduction by founder R. Crumb and an oral history of Zap by Patrick Rosenkranz. Zap is the most historically and aesthetically important comics series ever published.

Fantagraphics: The Complete Zap Comix (via The Beat)

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Mickey The Pixel hat in seinem Underground Comix-Set auf Flickr jede Menge Material aus den Zap-Mags.