Infrastructure-Cutouts from Satellite-Pics

Tolle Arbeiten von Jenny Odell, die Infrastruktur in Satellitenbildern freistellt. Die ausgeschnittenen Flughäfen, Straßen, Bahnhöfe und Kraftwerke bastelt sie dann zu neuen Kompositionen, die wirken wie die illustrierten Organismen aus Ernst Haeckels Kunstformen der Natur. Mit dem Unterschied, dass die hier die infrastrukturellen Monstren der menschlichen Zivilisation darstellen. Sehr schön!

Much of the strangest architecture associated with humanity is infrastructural. We have vast arrays of rusting cylinders, oil rigs dotting wastelands like lonely insects, and jewel-toned, rhomboid ponds of chemical waste. We have gray and terraced landfills, 5-story tall wastewater digester eggs, and striped areas of the desert that look as though they rendered incorrectly until we realize that the lines are made of thousands of solar panels. Massive cooling towers of power plants slope away from dense, unidentifiable networks on the ground and are obscured in their own ominous fog. If there is something unsettling about these structures, it might be that they are deeply, fully human at the same time that they are unrecognizably technological.

These mammoth devices unblinkingly process our waste, accept our trash, distribute our electricity. They are our prostheses. They keep us alive and able, for a minute, to forget the precariousness of our existence here and of our total biological dependence on a series of machines, wires, and tubes, humming loudly in some far off place.

Satellite Landscapes (Transportation Landscape, Waste Landscape, Manufacturing Landscape, and Power Landscape) (via Creators Project)