Benoit Paillés Rainbow Gathering-Photography (2)

Benoit Paillés Bilder von den Rainbow Gatherings hatte ich schonmal vor zwei Jahren hier, seit damals hat er neue Bilder des Neo-Hippie-Festivals bei Behance hochgeladen: Rainbow Gathering Québec (2011-2012) und Rainbow Gathering Guatemala/Mexico 2012-2013. (via Ronny)

Rainbow Gatherings are communities meeting in a nature setting to share together the ideals of peace, harmony and respect and to create an alternative to popular culture, mass media and materialism. The first Rainbow took place in 1972, at the National Forest Land (United States) and has been held annually ever since. Other Rainbow regional communities come together throughout the year all over the world. For my part, I attended seven such Rainbow meetings in Quebec, two in Mexico, one in the Canary Islands and one in Guatemala.

I started getting interested in photography while I was participating in my first rainbows. Little by little, they became the core of a photographic project that followed on from the Stranger series.

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Benoit Paillés Rainbow Gathering-Photography