Perfect Shuffle with sliced Bodywave-Loop

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Schöne neue Arbeit von Rollin Leonard, der sich für seine Video-Installation Wave in einer Wellenbewegung ablichten lies und diesen Videoloop dann in 36 Streifen zerschnitt, der er dann mit der Kartenmischtechnik Faro Shuffle remixte.

On view until March 9th at the Moving Image Fair in NYC. The original Wave and the shuffled remixes at 1/3 scale their original 4k video scale. The shuffling method is a perfect shuffle or a faro shuffle - cut a deck of cards and interlace each card. With a "deck" of 36 slices it takes only 12 shuffles to return to original arrangement. Here instead of moving parts of the body I moved the timelines.

Wave (2014) (via AnimalNY)

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