How To encode Data in Playing Cards

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Tim Warriner hat sich 'ne Methode überlegt, um Daten in 'nem Stapel Spielkarten abzulegen, inklusive Encyption und der Schlüssel ist die Reihenfolge der Karten. Clever!

Data, codes and messages can be hidden in the seemingly random order of a pack of playing cards. Here I explain my method of encoding binary bits into a pack of cards that will result in more bits of data being stored than there are cards. I have no idea if this method already exists, but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. The method can also be used to encode letters of the alphabet (English or otherwise) in a way that, on average, fewer than two cards are needed to represent one letter.

In more straightforward methods these would be impossible. My method also lends itself to encrypting the data held within the cards to the security level of a one-time pad. The concept lends itself to other media outside of the world of cards in a way that allows for carefully chosen, already existing rows of objects to represent newly encoded messages.

The Implied Card Method for Encoding Data Into Playing Cards

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