Pimple-Microbe named after Frank Zappa

Wissenschaftler haben in einem Eureka-Moment der Erleuchtung ein neu entdecktes Bakterium, das in Weinbergen haust und bei Teenagern die allseits beliebte Akne auslöst und auf Trauben übertragbar ist, nach Frank Zappa benannt. Zappas very own Pimple-Microbe. I break together.

In a striking case of pathogen transfer involving the bacterium responsible for human acne, P. acnes, authors Campisano, et. al., report in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution on a new type of P. acnes which exploits grapevines, dubbing it P. acnes type Zappae. They named the bacterium after the Italian term "zappa," meaning, hoe, as well as a tribute to eclectic composer Frank Zappa, who once wrote of "sand-blasted zits" in one of his most famous satirical songs, "Jewish Princess," from his controversial '79 "Sheik Yerbouti "album.

"This bacteria is so unconventional in its behavior, and its new habitat is so unexpected that we thought of Frank Zappa. Indeed, at the time we were discovering it, we were both playing a Zappa album in our cars" say authors Andrea Campisano and Omar Rota-Stabelli. […] The bacterium colonizes bark tissues, and the pith, where the bacterium can localize intracellularly. Thus, compared to being a bane to millions of teenage faces, P. Zappae has adapted to an entirely new intracellular ecological niche in grapevines.

Scientists honor Frank Zappa, naming human zit-causing bacterium now infecting vineyards