Books for Children from North Koreas Guiding Star of the 21st Century

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Ich wusste nicht, dass Kim Jong Ill nicht nur „The Great Sun of Life“ und „Glorious General, Who Descended From Heaven“ war, sondern auch Autor jeder Menge Kinderbücher. BBC hat Auszüge und Illustrationen aus den Dingern: North Korea's storytelling autocrats:

North Korea's leaders are often thought of as ruthless, secretive autocrats but rarely as popular children's authors. However, between issuing instructions about prison camps and the development of nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-un's father and grandfather apparently found time to write stories for the young.

"At last the left cyst burst, emitting fierce flames and the captain fell down, dejectedly dropping his club. At that moment a loud battle cry was heard from outside. Villagers killed the rest of the bandits." This is an extract from Boys Wipe Out Bandits by Kim Jong-il - North Korea's "Dear Leader" who died in 2011.

Nach dem ein weiteres Kinderbuch aus Nord-Korea: Auszüge aus dem Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea der UN mit Zitaten und Zeichnungen eines Flüchtlings, der den Alltag in den Gulags dort illustriert:

"[H]e had to crawl on his hands and knees into the cell he shared with 40 other prisoners, because the entrance door was only about 80 cm high. The guards told him that 'when you get to this prison you are not human, you are just like animals, and as soon as you get to this prison, you have to crawl just like animals.'"

"During the interrogation phase, suspects are systematically degraded, intimidated and tortured, in an effort to subdue them and to extract a full confession. The physical setup of the interrogation detention centre is often already designed to degrade and intimidate."


"Mr. Jeong was also subjected to the so-called 'pigeon torture'. '[Y]our hands are handcuffed behind your back. And then they hang you so you would not be able to stand or sit,' Mr. Jeong described. 1035 On repeated occasion, Mr. Jeong had to spend a full three days at a time in the pigeon torture stress position, enduring excruciating pain."


"During the 10 months he spent in detention, Mr. Jeong was given so little food that his weight dropped from 75 kilograms to 36 kilograms. In order to make him confess, Mr. Jeong was beaten with clubs, while hanging upside down."


"In March 2003, another man left his work unit to take some potatoes from the storage, because he was extremely hungry. Fearing that the guards would try to consider this an attempted escape, he tried to hide. The guards chased tracker dogs after him. The dogs found and mauled the man until he was half dead. Then the guards shot the victim dead on the spot."


"The torture chamber was equipped with a water tank, in which suspects could be immersed until the suspect would fear drowning. The room also had wall shackles that were specially arranged to hang people upside down."


"During the famine, food rations were further cut down to a point where only adults engaged in full time forced labour would receive rations. Her grandmother died from starvation and her exhausted mother fell from a steep cliff as she tried to forage for edible wild plants."


"The prisoners were brought to the camps in train wagons originally designed to transport animals. '[T]here were like six wagons that were filled with people. And that train came to the camps for six days consecutively, so thousands came in,' Mr. Ahn testified."

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