PBS OffBook: The New Rules of Robot/Human Society

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Schicker Clip von PBS OffBook über gesellschaftliche Fragen, die von Entwicklungen der Robotik aufgeworfen werden. Unter anderem mit meiner guten Freundin Kate Darling, über deren Arbeit ich hier schon öfter gebloggt habe (Killing Robots at the MIT, Robots have Rights, too!)

As technology speeds forward, humans are beginning to imagine the day when robots will fill the roles promised to us in science fiction. But what should we be thinking about TODAY, as robots like military and delivery drones become a real part of our society? How should robots be programmed to interact with us? How should we treat robots? And who is responsible for a robot's actions? As we look at the unexpected impact of new technologies, we are obligated as a society to consider the moral and ethical implications of robotics.