Sea Orbiter: Super-Ocean-Explorer

Architekt Jacques Rougerie hat die Finanzierung seines Sea Orbiters gesichert, eine schwimmende/tauchende Science-Plattform, die die Meere erkundet. Das Teil ist seit 30 Jahren in Arbeit, mit dem Bau des 60 Meter-Designer-U-Boots soll nun im Frühjahr begonnen werden. Ich bin gespannt, wie sie mit den Riesenkraken, Haien und Meer-Monstern umgehen, die in jedem der Tiefsee-Alien-Ripoffs von Leviathan über Jaws 3 bis Deep Star Six solche Dinger angreifen.

Slightly over half of the structure will be submerged, and as you can see the core of the design is a sort of eight-story building housing a variety of labs and living quarters for the crew. The underside of the structure houses dive pits, special pressurized living quarters and "underwater garages." Human divers living at atmospheric pressure can get down to 50 meters below the surface, while "saturation divers" living in the pressureized chambers can get down to 100 meters; beyond that, the SeaOrbiter will deploy exploration vehicles that can travel down to 1,000 meters, and will also deploy a bad-ass diving drone that can descend to 6,000 meters.

Rougerie was able to secure some 70% of the €35 million required for construction, then turned to a Kickstarter-lookalike crowdfunding site called KissKissBankBank for the remaining 30%. The target was finally reached just last week, and construction is scheduled to begin shortly.

Crowdfunding Pushes Sea Architect's Exploration Platform Over the Top, So It Can Get to the Bottom