HFTs Real Time Newsfeed

Real Time Internet, beschleunigte Gesellschaft und allgemeine Hektik, eh? Fuck that. Der Broker-Service Business Wire verkauft einen direkten Zugriff auf Pressemitteilungen und Quartalsergebnisse und mit diesen Zeitvorteilen in Höhe von drölf Millisekunden erbeuten High Frequency Trading-Algorithmen dann im Fall eines Kosmetik-Herstellers 800k Dollar, ich gehe davon aus, dass all das automatisiert geschicht. Ein Realtime-Feed-lesender HFT-Algorithmus. Modern Crime.

Some high-speed firms have had direct access to news releases for at least the past few years, according to people familiar with the situation. These firms typically are paying thousands of dollars a month to get the news releases.

The trend, previously unreported, could help explain what happened on the afternoon of Dec. 5, when Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. […] released its earnings. At 4 p.m. EST, Ulta's stock was changing hands for about $122 a share. Business Wire issued the company's earnings, which missed analysts' forecasts, about 150 milliseconds after 4 p.m., according to a person familiar with the timing of the release. A millisecond is one-thousandth of a second.

Within about 50 milliseconds, nearly $800,000 of Ulta's stock was sold on stock exchanges in a series of rapid trades. But major newswires hadn't yet distributed Ulta's earnings, according to the newswires. Bloomberg News issued the release 242 milliseconds after 4 p.m. Dow Jones issued it 464 milliseconds after 4 p.m. Thomson Reuters Corp. TRI.T +0.42% issued the release about one second after 4 p.m.

Speed Traders Get an Edge - Paying for Direct Access to News Releases Can Give a Lucrative Time Advantage (via Gawker)