Zack Coutroulis' Magic-Poster Collection


Collectors Weekly hat ein Interview mit Zack Coutroulis, Sammler oller Magic-Poster, selbstverständlich inklusive vieler Beispiele, die mir neu waren. Die kompletten Bilder aus seiner Sammlung gibt's hier, vor hundervier Jahren hatte ich mal jede Menge magischer Poster bei Flickr hochgeladen.

Having spent considerable time among magic-poster enthusiasts, Coutroulis is well-acquainted with the veil of mystery many keep over their collections, never admitting what they own or allowing these artworks to be shown publicly. “Some of these posters have never even been photographed before,” Coutroulis explains, “and they’re amazing. But poster collectors tend to keep to themselves. I’m one of the few people that actually enjoys sharing them.”

Dark Art: Spectacular Illusions from the Golden Age of Magic