Russias drug-infused Counter-Subversion-Mascot: All Hail to the Sotchi-Frog!

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Die russische Regierung hat bei einem Künstler ein gegensubversives Maskottchen in Form eines Junkie-Froschs auf Hypno-Toad-Basis namens Zoich in Auftrag gegeben, um die Jugend für die Olympischen Spiele zu begeistern, und die Subversion der Opposition zu subversieren. Oder so ähnlich.

although Zoich's rogue candidacy initially read as a complication for Russian officials trying to keep the games shenanigans-free, the Russian Olympic Committee actually commissioned Zoich as a "guerrilla" campaign to promote the contest he was supposedly subverting.

At first, Zoich seemed to be a wrench in the well-oiled machine of Sochi's mascot selection. As it turns out, he was a cog. In 2010, the Russian Olympic Committee secretly commissioned Zoich's maker to do something "viral" for the games, in order to attract younger voters to their online mascot selection competition.

The Story of Zoich, Sochi's Bizarro 'Protest' Mascot, Who Was Created by Moscow