Google Bus Protest-Miniatures

Ihr habt sicher mitbekommen, dass in San Francisco die Mieten explodieren, weil die jungen Techies von Google et al die Preise in die Höhe treiben. Mittlerweile leistet sich Google einen „Sicherheitsdienst“ für ihre Busse, nachdem es an den Haltestellen zu wiederholten Protesten kam. Colleen Flaherty und Matteo Bittanti haben den Bohei jetzt in Miniatur-Dioramas nachgestellt, die passenderweise auf Holz-Laptops mit Google Streetview-Prints angebracht sind. Nice!

"Inequality per se might not be the problem—indeed, some argue that a certain amount of inequality, as long as it comes with opportunity, can spur people to better themselves, creating achievable, aspirational goals, and thus becoming an engine of economic growth and societal stability. But inequality without opportunity—permanent exclusion, marginalization without hope of improving one’s circumstances—can create lethal, city-killing resentments, when people who realize they can never join the party decide to burn the house down instead. Likewise, "cities that become overly reliant on just a few forms of value creation, excluding parts of their population, economy, and territory from the wealth and capital they create, “can find themselves enjoying a golden age followed by catastrophic. [...]

"The London riots also suggest that the idea of a peripheral settlement or population (which we’ve so far been using mainly in a spatial sense, meaning people or districts that are located on the edge of town) can be broadened to include people who are marginalized or excluded in an economic, political, or cultural sense, even if they live in the physical center of a city." (David Kilcullen, Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla, 2013)

The Streetviews of San Francisco (2014) (via Valleywag)

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