Valve partners with Oculus Rift for NextGen-Virtual Reality

Scheiß auf die Steambox und ihren komischen Controller: Valve hat in den letzten Tagen auf den SteamDevDays ihre VR Demo vorgestellt und alle, die das Teil ausprobieren durften sind extrem begeistert: „felt like being in a lucid dream state and very much like a holo deck“. Aber das beste kommt noch: Anstatt die Technologie im Labor alleine weiterzuentwickeln, tun sie sich mit Oculus Rift zusammen und wollen spätestens zwei Jahren High End-Virtual Reality im Verbrauchermarkt anbieten. Are you Ready Player One?

Today is the big day for VR but I wanted to begin by addressing Valve’s VR solution since I woke up to dozens of text messages from friends asking if this really was “better than Oculus.” Well, first thing to understand is that what Valve demonstrated isn’t a consumer product and likely won’t be for a while. It was using custom tech, was uninhibited by the need to even approach a consumer price point, and needed an entire (small) room for tracking. Prior to trying it I was told it blew away Crystal Cove and it really does. That said, Oculus has prototypes that blow away Crystal Cove as well. The statement isn’t meant to be “console warrior fanboy” fodder, but rather an indication of how rapidly VR is improving. Today we’ll see a lot from Oculus. They are a central cog in Valves VR plans, and the two companies are clearly working in close proximity.

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