Hello Kitty Mecha-Bot

 Youtube Direktkitty, via Creepy Robots

Hello Kitty und eine fiktive Mecha-Legierung namens Chogokin werden beide dieses Jahr 40 Jahre alt (ha!), also schmeißt Bandai beide Geburtstage zusammen und bringt einen Hello Kitty-Mecha mit „Firing Fists“ un einem Cockpit mit Miniatur-Hello Kitty-Mecha-Pilot. Kommt im Juni 2014.

"Chogokin" ("super alloy") is the manga equivalent of Marvel Comic's adamantium, introduced as the building block for the pioneering piloted mech Mazinger Z. In the '70s, "Chogokin" also became Bandai's Popy brand's name for die-cast metal figures. The chogokin line and Hello Kitty both turn 40 in 2014, so the anniversaries are being celebrated together with a special Hello Kitty die-cast robot figure.

Set to be released in June 2014 for 4,400 yen, Kitty bot figure features firing fists, an eye change gimmick, a clear cockpit with in scale Hello Kitty pilot, moving head, and a removable bow that can be placed under her feet. It is about 10.5 centimeters tall.

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