Details about Chinas Surveillance of Ai Weiwei

spOnline International hat ein spannendes Interview mit Ai Weiwei, in dem er einige ziemlich haarsträubende Details zur Überwachung des Künstlers durch das chinesische Regime erzählt. Unter anderem hat er einem der Spitzel, die ihn auf Schritt und Tritt verfolgen, die Memory Card aus der Kamera geklaut und darauf fanden sich völlig sinnlose Detailaufnahmen, zum Beispiel jeder Winkel des Eingangs eines Restaurants, in dem er gegessen hatte.

SPIEGEL: What do the people who observe you want to find out, what don't they know yet?

Ai: A year ago, I got a bit aggressive and pulled the camera off one of them. I took out the memory card and asked him if he was a police officer. He said "No." Then why are you following me and constantly photographing me? He said, "No, I never did." I said, "OK, go back to your boss and tell him I want to talk to him. And if you keep on following me, then you should be a bit more careful and make sure that I don't notice." I was really curious to see what he had on that memory card. […]

Ai: I was shocked because he had photographed the restaurant I had eaten in the previous day from all angles: every room, the cash till, the corridor, the entrance from every angle, every table. I asked myself: Gosh, why do they have to go to so much trouble? Then there were photos of my driver, first of him sitting on a park bench, then a portrait from the front, a portrait from the back, his shoes, from the left, from the right, then me again, then my stroller.

Interview with Ai Weiwei: 'My Virtual Life Has Become My Real Life' (via Reddit)