The Politics of the Superhero

In Cambridge hatten sie eine Konferenz über Superhelden und Politik und dazu stehen jetzt jede Menge extrem interessanter Vorträge als Transkript online. Ich hab' mir das grade alles an mein Instapaper und von dort auf mein Kindle geschickt, ergibt ein schönes Mini-eBook zu 'nem tollen Thema. Snip aus der Introduction (via MeFi):

Broadly speaking, political scientists have not had much to say about popular culture as a reflection of and contributor to political discourse and action. The discipline has mostly ceded this intellectual territory to sociology, anthropology, and the humanities. A quick Google search, for example, will confirm that North American colleges and universities offer many more courses on “the sociology of popular culture” than on “the politics of popular culture.” Although a substantial scholarly literature exists on the nexus of politics and film, as well as a much smaller literature on politics and video games, pop music, television, and comics, political scientists have not played a decisive role in this arena. It should be obvious that popular culture addresses and confronts political questions in all sorts of ways and on all sorts of levels.

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