Ghiblis Spirited Away in Minecraft

Redditor Alan_becker hat die Welt aus Studio Ghiblis Spirited Away (Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland) in Minecraft nachgebaut. Nicht ganz so eindrucksvoll wie Game Of Thrones, aber das Ding ist auch noch nicht fertig und am Ende will er damit Szenen aus dem Film nachstellen. Nice!

Working with a small group of friends Alan Becker is creating a scale reproduction of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece Spirited Away, including all the iconic buildings and landscapes from the animated movie. Working from hundreds of screenshots and dozens of viewings, he is replicating everything from the opulent bath house to the pig farm where Chihiro's transformed parents are taken. The detail is incredible, with custom textures used to decorate Minecraft's blocky building materials, and the slightest architectural flourishes captured.

"I've compiled all the known concept art that shows the infrastructure of the bath house interior," he explains on his YouTube channel. "I'm also implementing red stone wherever needed in order to make things like elevators and automatic doors and boiler room parts."

Of course, once the project is completed (Becker reckons he's 80% there), he could then attempt to recreate classic scenes from the animation.

Minecraft fan spends years recreating Spirited Away