Satellite-Swarm sends Near-Realtime-Video from Space

Kleines Update zum HD-Video from Space neulich: Nature hat ein Posting über die Firmen, die daran arbeiten und im Moment kriegen sie „nur“ sowas wie ein stündlich aktualisiertes Google Maps hin. Live-Video aus dem All ist derzeit zwar noch nicht wirklich möglich, da die Satelliten zu schnell über die Ziele hinweg fliegen, aber das kriegen die auch noch hin. Yay, Future!

San Francisco-based Planet Labs, founded in 2010 by three former NASA scientists, is scheduled to launch 28 of its ‘Doves’ on 8 January. Each toaster-sized device weighs about 5 kilograms and can take images at a resolution of 3–5 metres. At Skybox Imaging in nearby Palo Alto, plans are afoot for a swarm of 24 satellites, each weighing about 100 kilograms, which will take images of 1 metre resolution or better. Skybox launched its first satellite on 21 November and plans to launch another this year, followed by the remainder between 2015 and 2017.

In a first — at least for civilian satellites — Skybox’s devices will also stream short segments of near-live high-resolution video footage of the planet. So, too, will UrtheCast.

Nature: Many eyes on Earth – Swarms of small satellites set to deliver close to real-time imagery of swathes of the planet (via Fefe)

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