Fine Art Mosaics from Insects, Plants and Stuff

09.01.2014 Design Misc #Art

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Michael Mappes rekonstruiert Fotografien alter Gemälde mit Pixeln aus Nadeln, auf denen er jeden erdenklichen Kram befestigt. Das Bild oben ist ein holländisches Gemälde von 1627 und zusammengesetzt aus unter anderem Fotos, Insekten, Kontaktlinsen, Pflanzen, Lupen, Baumwolle und Tüten. Awesome!

deconstructing photos of actual paintings by such masters as rembrandt and nicolaes eliasz pickenoy, mapes recreates the original picture piece by piece, using countless collage materials and even biological findings like eyelashes and hair. the painstaking detail is almost unimaginable; tiny fragments carefully positioned on the tops of pins are complied closely next to each other. from close range, the dissected pixels can be discerned for their type and texture, while at a distance, the entire human likeness becomes clear.

Hundreds of Specimens make dutch Portraits by Michael Mapes