Giant Dashi Float from Japan, 1871

Ein 1871er Dashi-Floß aus Japan, das während eines Festivals durch die Straßen gezogen wird und einen Berg symbolisiert. Howl's Moving Castle much, eh?

The photo above was taken by an unknown photographer in 1871, a mere 30 years after the world’s first photographs began emerging. The artist captured a massive, precarious float (known as dashi) parading through the streets of Hakata, in Southern Japan. Much of the specifics remain unknown, but my best guess would be that it was part of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa, a 700-year old festival that takes place in early July. […]

Dashi (written 山車, the characters for mountain and car) have been around for hundreds of years and play a central role in Shinto festivals that celebrate the gods. It was thought that Shinto gods originally descended onto mountainous peaks, hence height and overall resemblance to mountains. It was also customary for the floats to be heavily decorated with mountain imagery.

Japanese Parade Floats from the 1800s